Servant Leadership = Increased Performance

Business/Marketing Leadership

Credit Type: Non-credit Certificate
Credit/NonCrdit: Non-Credit
Length: 4 Hours
Frequency: 1 Day
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face
Location: Lord Farifax Community College
Cost: 99.00

Program Contact: LFCC Workforce Solutions
Contact Phone: 5408687021
Contact Email:

The world teaches you to WIN at ALL cost. The result is leaders hold their cards close, refuse to reveal important details like strategic plans and hide their weaknesses from the people who work for and with them. Real leaders recognize that great employees can choose their career, their company and their boss. You want them to choose you. This course discusses how leaders can develop an Others First Attitude, should embody their values in their behavior, choose openness over fear and reap the rewards of increased performance, increased employee satisfaction and increased long-term employee health. You'll learn all this from a local Distribution Warehouse Leader who "serves" 400 people. Come prepared to experience how servitude creates business longitude.

Provider Information

Lord Fairfax Community College

173 Skirmisher Lane
Middletown, Virginia 22645

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