Generations with Author Jason Wright: Why the Past and Future Need You to be Present


Credit Type: Non-credit Certificate
Credit/NonCrdit: Non-Credit
Length: 2 Hours
Frequency: 1 Day
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face
Location: Lord Farifax Community College
Cost: 99.00

Program Contact: LFCC Workforce Solutions
Contact Phone: 5408687021
Contact Email:

It is said that each generation has something to teach the next. But what if this well-meaning approach is flat wrong? What if our most valuable lessons have little to do with leaning on history? Instead of wisdom always teaching youth, lasting learning and permanent self-improvement will not happen only while we sit at the feet of age and experience. Instead, let's discover how it grows like a seed when all generations meet in a spacious field where birthdays, degrees and job titles mean nothing. In this highly interactive session, each audience member will become a player in the story and a piece of the lesson.

Provider Information

Lord Fairfax Community College

173 Skirmisher Lane
Middletown, Virginia 22645

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