Customer Service/Call Center/Retail Sales Associate


Credit Type: Non-credit Certificate
Credit/NonCrdit: Non-Credit
Length: 900 Clock Hours (7.2 Months)
Frequency: Continuous (Open Entry)
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face
Location: Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center
Cost: Call for details

Program Contact: Deborah Allen - Admissions Department
Contact Phone: 540-332-7065
Contact Email:

Students acquire the skills and knowledge for employment as entry-level workers in business offices within manufacturing firms, wholesale and retail trade establishments, financial institutions, and government agencies.  Other job titles may include Sales Associate, Sales Consultant, Customer Assistance Representative, Customer Service Representative, or Sales Person.

Provider Information

Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center

P. O. Box 1500
Fishersville, Virginia 22939

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